West Bloomfield Michigan

West Bloomfield Michigan is located in central/southern Oakland County, about 23 miles northwest of Detroit. It is home to over 60,000 residents. West Bloomfield is part of the Lakes Area of Oakland County, and is known for its many sprawling all sports lakes. 4 of the 31 square miles that make up West Bloomfield are water. The largest lake in Oakland County, Cass Lake, is located with-in the townships borders along with 24 others. West Bloomfield is bordered on the North by Orchard Lake, on the West by Commerce Township, on the South by Farmington Hills, and on the East by Bloomfield Township. Click the button below to go straight to the West Bloomfield Real Estate portal or read on to learn more about West Bloomfield Michigan.

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West Bloomfield Schools

There are actually 7 school districts with-in West Bloomfield. The primary district of course, is West Bloomfield. Area’s of the township also attend Farmington, Birmingham, Bloomfield, Walled Lake, Pontiac, and Waterford Schools.  The West Bloomfield school district ha 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school. You will also find private school The Jewish Academny & St. Mary’s Prepartory with-in the township.

 West Bloomfield MichiganWest Bloomfield Lakes Area

West Bloomfield has 4 square miles of water which make up 25 of it’s lakes. Cass Lake, as we know, is the largest lake in West Bloomfield & Oakland County coming in at 1,280 acres with a 123ft max. depth. Other major West Bloomfield lakes include;

Orchard Lake 788 Acres / 110Ft
Union Lake 465 Acres / 102Ft

Upper Straits Lake 323 Acres / 96Ft
Walnut Lake 232 acres / 101Ft
Pine Lake  395 Acres / 90Ft

Middle Straits Lake 171 Acres / 55Ft


West Bloomfield Parks & RecWest Bloomfield Michigan

West Bloomfield has several parks, trails, and nature preservers for our outdoor lovers. Each location has tons of family events year round including Summer Day Camp for the kids, holiday events, and more. The West Bloomfield Trail, which spans over 4 miles through the 28 acres of West Bloomfield Woods Park, has several sites & habitats for patrons to enjoy. Most of the parks and facilities can be rented for your private events also. You can view more about the parks & rec department at their website www.westbloomfieldparks.org.

West Bloomfield Municipal Information

West Bloomfield MichiganWest Bloomfield Township offices are located at 4550 Walnut Lake Rd, just West of Orchard Lake Rd. West Bloomfield has its own police, fire, and water for residents. The West Bloomfield Police Department has 71 sworn officers plus 12 dispatchers and other civilian personnel. The Fire Department in West Bloomfield has 6 fire stations located through-out its 36 mile district. The department has 57 full time firefighters + several sergeants, lieutenants and captains. West Bloomfield Fire also covers neighboring areas of Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake Village, and Sylvan Lake.

Property Taxes in West Bloomfield range from 26 – 37 mils depending on school district, for principal residence properties. This means for every $1000 in value of your home you would pay $26-$37 dollars in property tax. Broken down as follow;

West Bloomfield Schools    34.7606 Principal Residence    49.2486 Non-Principal
Birmingham Schools           36.3490 Principal Residence    46.1889 Non-Principal
Bloomfield Schools              36.3490 Principal Residence    45.1889 Non-Principal
Farmington Schools            35.3673 Principal Residence     44.9889 Non-Principal
Walled Lake Schools           31.8589 Principal Residence     47.9789 Non-Principal
Waterford Schools              28.8589 Principal Residence     46.8589 Non-Principal
Pontiac Schools                   26.5389 Principal Residence      44.5389 Non-Principal

West Bloomfield MichiganWest Bloomfield Shopping & Entertainment

West Bloomfield’s downtown area is located along Orchard Lake Road just North and South of the intersection at 15 mile road. Here you will find several specialty grocery stores including Plum Market, as well as boutique type shops & plaza’s featuring several of Michigan’s finest small businesses. Finding something to eat wont be a problem either! From fast casual dining at Five Guys or The Stage Deli to a night out with friends at Mene Sushi, there is something for everyone, including a romantic evening with your hunny at Matt Prentice’s Detroit Prime.

This information is brought to you by West Bloomfield real estate agent Margo Borkin.  Margo Borkin is a member of the National Association of Realtors & the Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors.