Sylvan Lake Michigan

Sylvan Lake, Michigan is a small city in central Oakland County. The city is less then 1 square mile in total area, and 34% of that is water.  The most recent census has Sylvan Lakes population just over 1,700 people, in about 800 households. Sylvan Lake is bordered on the North by Waterford, on the West by West Bloomfield, on the South by Orchard Lake, and on the East by Pontiac. To learn more about Sylvan Lake read on, or to head straight to the Real Estate click the portal link below.

Sylvan Lake Real Estate

The lake is located in the northwest portion of the city and connects to Otter Lake, all residents of the city have privileges on the lake.

The city of Sylvan Lake has its own police department and is protected under the West Bloomfield Fire Department.

There are two school districts serving the city, West Bloomfield & Pontiac. However, all of Sylvan Lake has West Bloomfield school of choice.

Sylvan Lake taxes range from 40-64 mills depending on your location and situation.
West Bloomfield Schools = 49 Mills for Principal Residence,  64 Mills for Non Principal
Pontiac Schools              = 40 Mills for Principal Residence,  58 Mills for Non Principal
This means you will pay $40-$64 per $1000 of taxable value.
For more information on how property taxes work in Michigan please reference my blog post —> How Do Property Taxes Work in Michigan

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