Bloomfield Hills

Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Bloomfield Hills Michigan is a small suburb of metro Detroit surrounded almost entirely by its larger counterpart, Bloomfield Township. The population of Bloomfield Hills is less than 4000 residents. It is home to many historical landmarks including the Cranbrook Educational Center and Kirk in the Hills, built in the 1950’s.

Bloomfield Hills is a very affluent city home to many of the states Fortune 500 executives. It has been consistently ranked as one of the top 5 wealthiest cities in the United States. With about 1000 households, you will find many estate style homes on large, private, wooded lots.

Most students in Bloomfield Hills will attend the Bloomfield Hills School District, which also overseas the International Academy, located in Bloomfield Hills. The southernmost area of Bloomfield Hills would be in the Birmingham School District.

The Bloomfield Hills public safety department has officers cross trained in both traditional police work as well as fire and medical.

Property taxes in Bloomfield Hills range from 32-42 mills for principal residence properties depending on the school district. This mean for every $1000 in taxable value you would pay $32-42 in property tax. For more information on how property taxes work in Michigan visit HERE

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