Berkley Michigan

Berkley Michigan

Berkley Michigan is a small city in South East Oakland County. Despite its size, Berkley is a highly desirable area.

Berkley Michigan
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It has gorgeous parks, a beautiful downtown, and a convenient location close to area attractions. It spans only 2.6 square miles total and has a population of just under 15,000 residents. Berkley is a ‘hot spot’ along the Woodward Dream Cruise! The east end of the city falls along Woodward Ave. The City of Berkley borders Royal Oak on the North and East. Lathrup Village on the West. And Huntington Woods on the South. Click the button below to go straight to the Berkley Real Estate portal or read on to learn more about what Berkley Michigan has to offer.


Berkley Real Estate



Berkley Schools

Berkley has its own school district which also serves students in Huntington Woods & Royal Oak. The district has four elementary, one middle and one high school. Berkley residents can also choose to attend the international academy, a public school of choice option. Residents from certain neighboring towns can also choose Berkley Schools.. Berkley High was recently listed by the Washington Post as the 6th best in the State. A small handful of Berkley residents are zoned into the Royal Oak School District.

Berkley Parks & Recreation

Berkley Parks & Rec overseas many park area’s including children’s play area’s, sports fields, and picnic areas. The department hosts many events through the Parks & Rec including adult classes, movie nights, and kids events. Berkley also has an ice arena which has assorted Hockey Leagues as well as open skate and private events.

Berkley Michigan
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Berkley Municipal Information

Berkley city offices are located off Coolidge highway on the North end of the city. Police Services are provided by the Berkley Police Department with 27 sworn officers included two detectives. They also have police reserves, an uniformed volunteer unit. The crime rate in Berkley consistently ranks among the lowest in the tri-county area. Berkley also has its own Fire Department.

Berkley Property taxes range from 39-58 Mils depending on your location and situation. This means you will pay $39-$58 per $1000 of taxable value. For more information on how property taxes work in Michigan please reference my blog post —> How Do Property Taxes Work in Michigan

Berkley Schools,      Primary Residence = 40 mils        Not Primary Residence = 58 mils
Royal Oak Schools, Primary Residence = 39 mils        Not Primary Residence = 55 mils

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